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María Belén Nilson




MBN DESIGNS​.com: From Our Clients:


    "We have been in business for the last fifty years in a retail store in Washington DC. We have working with Maria Belen for at least ten of those years. She produces some of the finest designs in Mexico.  She is wonderful to work with, always sending our order immediately.  We suggest anyone interested in beautiful Mexican sterling jewelry contact Maria Belem."

John H.


 "I wanted to write a few lines about how much
I've enjoyed working with you since one of my first trips to Taxco (12 or 13 years ago?!!).  From my very first visit, I was hooked on the entire "Belen experience;" you make your clients comfortable because of your enthusiasm about your art and . . . LIFE in general. I so appreciate your knowledge of design and fine eye for something a woman can actually WEAR with confidence; your pieces have always been among my best-selling items over the years.

Every time I see your new work, I'm impressed with how innovative you continue to be - you always seem to stay "fresh", which is quite impressive.  And - above all, for me - the absolute QUALITY of your pieces has been consistent.  Whether it's a Classic piece you are replicating or one of your new designs, I know that the workmanship will be impeccable. Thank you so much for following your heart by honoring your artistry.  I hope to continue our relationship - both
personal and professional - for many years to come. With Hugs & Love." Michelle Tange

     "In a little city filled with silver jewelry and vendors, traversing steep and hilly cobblestone streets like a billy goat, in a sometimes exhausting search for the perfect additions to my stores' jewelry selection, it took several years and a half dozen trips to Taxco for my husband and I to begin to find the best jewelers there. I wanted exceptional quality of classic, traditional and in-vogue designs, as well as finely executed craftsmanship, and I knew it existed there somewhere. When we finally found Maria, I breathed a sigh of great satisfaction and relief. Throughout these years of becoming more closely acquainted with her, I've realized that Maria could only produce the work of one who deserves the title "Gran Maestra", because her work reflects the person that she truly is inside: loving, honest, straightforward, fair, knowledgeable, a woman of the world and yet down to earth. Once you have known her for any length of time you realize that she genuinely cares not only about your satisfaction and success but also about your family and your welfare. She is an inspiration to me for all of these reasons and more."

Lisa DiGioia-Nutini


      "I always look forward to working with Maria Belen and her friendly, professional associates. Over the years, M B N Designs has always offered designer collections which maintain the highest standards of quality and finish expected with such a well established company. Her uncanny knowledge of the market has also been an added plus in helping me decide my yearly selections and focus."

Debra Favour


      "Long ago, I bought a lovely necklace from Maria on an exploratory visit to Taxco.  Fourteen years and many trips later, I am still successfully selling her designs.  Navigating through silver's price variations and fashion's constant changes, Maria continues to offer arguably Taxco's best in quality, value, consistency and service, not to mention the pleasure of working directly with her and her staff.  She is always a delight and her jewelry is gorgeous!"

Abrazos, Jonna Lee


      "In this time of more and more silver manufacturers producing jewelry which is never touched by human hands, the MBNDesigns company has gone back to the very roots of what "the hand of Man" can create and be recognized for -- beauty. Creation, realization, and most importantly what gives her jewelry the feel of quality cannot be rushed or fashioned by machine alone. Manufacturing, even in is most advanced stages still requires models created by skilled silversmiths working seamlessly with design requirements to create balance and harmony to the eye. This is why my clients have come back again and again for her pieces and designs."

Harry Karos

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