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Design, passion, emotion and feeling, are awakened within me when I think of Mexico and silver. The rich tapestry which is Mexico and its people and its culture inspire my designs. My wish is that each person who wears my sterling silver designs feels that connection with this magnificent country and its people. Pure silver, native stones, wood, leather the same materials which have inspired generations of native people in Mexico, are our tools.

What sets MBNDesigns apart from other companies which are using more and more modern techniques and machining processes, are the gifted hands of the silversmiths that made all of my designs possible.  We truly believe in the value of this marvelous artisan work. The support of this art is our responsibility if we wish to preserve it. My jewelry shines through this "human touch" and the wearer will feel the patience, care, love, passion and consideration which each piece represents. I have focused my collections on themes like Mexican Drama, Texture and Purity, which for me, have come to represent my self expression… my spirit… my identity…

The "human component" should be present in all fabrication processes, from the most mundane to the most exacting. We never forget to value all aspects of production and manufacturing, which all our design collections require to maintain our exacting specification of quality and finish, which MBNDesigns has always been known for.

We invite you to take a look to all the beautiful designs we have made with so much love for our clients, from Mexico to all over the world.


María Belén Nilson


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